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Our courses use IRC where you can discuss course topics and get support for the exercises from the course organizers as well as other participants. Even if most of the conversation on the channel is in Finnish don’t be afraid to post your questions in English.

Average response time is 20 minutes. Just try to be there when Europe is awake for best help.

If you are unfamiliar with IRC, you can reach our channel by using third party IRC client:

You can see the people on the channel on the right. To send messages to the channel, just type it in the box at the bottom of the screen.

If you want someone to check your code for troubleshooting, do not send multiple lines of code on the channel! This is often hard to read and disrupts other conversation on the channel as well.

  1. Instead upload your code online
    1. If course is using NetBeans select from the NetBeans menu TMC / Send code to TMC Pastebin
    2. Otherwise use a text sharing service like http://paste.mooc.fi
  2. Copy the link you receive and paste it to the conversation

You are encouraged to help other students on the IRC channel, but avoid handing out ready answers or “spoilers” to the exercises. Let others learn on their own as well!