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Certificates are currently downloadable for parts I and II of Object oriented programming with Java. A certificate becomes downloadable after you have been rewarded at least 85% of the points for the last week of the course.

How to download your certificate

Go to https://tmc.mooc.fi/ and Sign in. After signing in open your profile from the upper navigation bar and click the Certificates link.

This opens the certificates page where you should see a form with course and name inputs. Select the course for which you want to generate a certificate and fill in your name. Your name will be saved for any future certificates.

Note! Generating certificates for numerous different names may lead to revoking of the ability to download any certificates.

If you do not see the form you most likely have not completed enough of any of the courses to be able to download a certificate at this time. Don’t worry, you can still download the certificate after completing enough of the missing assignments.