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Placement in curriculum

The course Functional programming with Clojure is an optional undergraduate course at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. This course is run by students of the department, as empowering our enthusiastic and skilled students to deliver courses has been our tradition.

This MOOC offered here is a completely unabridged version of the course offered to our students: the course’s scope and material are identical to our own similar course. Completing the whole course yields 4 ECTS credits at our department. Students of the University of Helsinki should see the instructions on this page to complete the course for credit.

- Head of Studies Jaakko Kurhila, Deparmtent of Computer Science, University of Helsinki

About the organizing institution

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki, is the leading computer-science research and teaching unit in Finland. The focus areas of research and education at the department are 1) algorithms and machine learning, 2) networking and services, and 3) software systems. Three national Finnish Academy centres of excellence are active at the department, and the department has a close research partnership with Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT). The department is one of ten national centres of excellence in university education. The department employs 170 persons and its total budget is 11 Million Euros.

The Department of Computer Science has been chosen by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council as a Centre of Excellence in Finnish University Education for 2007-2009 and 2010-2012. Teachers at the department have also been awarded the most prestiguous teacher awards (Magister Bonus prize in 2006 and 2011, and Eino Kaila prize in 2009) and membership in the Teachers’ Academy of the University of Helsinki.

This MOOC on functional programming with Clojure is funded by means from the Teachers’ Academy at the University of Helsinki, and therefore carries the acorn logo of the Academy:

Teachers' academy